HTAA 2013

Resources presented at the History Teachers’ Association of Australia Annual Conference, 22-25 April 2013.

‘WWI: sources, simulations and strategies’


PART 1: Using the Australian War Memorial website for WWI source work

Outline document, provides information and links to Unit diaries, CEW Bean’s notebook and Official History, diagram of basic Army structure:

Selections from CEW Bean’s notes of 25 April, from 3:30am to 8:45am.  (Complete document)

Selections from Bean’s Official History, Vol. I, Ch. XII, in the boats and initial landing at Gallipoli. (Complete chapter)

Selections from 1st Infantry Brigade, Australian Imperial Force, Unit War Diary, April 1915, Preparations (Complete document)


PART 2: Trench Warfare Simulation

Lesson plan for classroom-based simulation of an artillery barrage followed by an infantry charge using balled up paper. Students love it: Year 9s spend the rest of the year asking to ‘do the Trench Warfare thing again’ and Year 12s spend the whole WWI unit nagging until I ‘give in’. Brings the concepts of WWI trenches to life in the classroom. Look at casualty rates, difficulty in offensives etc. Can then go on to looking at supply, rear lines and what happens once you take one trench. If you have the time and space, set up a multiple trench battlefield….


PART 3: Warfare 1917 task

Handout for using ‘Warfare 1917′ online flash game where students undertake a number of ‘campaigns’ with increasing firepower and access to more varied troops. At the conclusion of each campaign, they are to reflect on their tactics that contributed to their victory. The task concludes with students writing a letter home to the parents of one of the killed soldiers. (As a Word doc. Link to screencast)