Germany under the Nazis

From the History Guide:

Origins and nature of ASPS

  • Conditions that produced ASPS
  • Emergence of leaders: aims, ideology, support
  • Totalitarianism: the aim and the extent to which it was achieved

Establishment of ASPS

  • Methods: force, legal
  • Form of government, (left/right wing) ideology
  • Nature, extent and treatment of opposition

Domestic policies and impact

  • Structure and organisation of government and administration
  • Political, economic, social and religious policies
  • Role of education, the arts, media, propaganda
  • Status of women, treatment of religious groups and minorities

Contents page of possibly best school student directed website on Germany. Use some of the links. Listen to the podcasts.

Another excellent site with generally pretty good detail.

Fairly short overviews of key events and issues. A good starting point, but you generally need more detail

Nazi control:

Define totalitarianism

 Use this outline as a basis for a more developed and researched overview of Nazi control of Germany

Compress into a mind map, ready for revision.

 See also:

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Episode 1 “Helped into Power” – the rise of the NSDAP

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