Germany: Overview

Professor Raffael Scheck is at Colby College, in Maine, USA. He has written a number of books on German history.

Each page linked below is reasonably long (that’s a GOOD thing!) and detailed. You still need to use other sources, but this is an excellent framework.

The Weimar Republic

The Treaty of Versailles:
Democratic Constitution:
The Republic Besieged:
Chronology 1920-1929:
Weimar Culture:
Rise of Nazis and Communists:
The breakdown of the Republic:


The Third Reich

Establishing a Dictatorship: The Stabilization of Nazi Power:
Building up German Hegemony in Central Europe, 1933-1938:
The Second World War:
Eugenics and Racial Mass Murder:
The Functioning of the Nazi Regime: State and Society:
National Socialism in International Comparison: